Aussie Projects

Aussie Projects is a 1st for establishing a national database for projects. promotes people and projects that contribute to a sustainable Australia.

A user-driven platform where project teams can add their projects in a free account.


Add your Aussie project to increase awareness of your project and align your efforts with the

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


There are many kinds of Aussie Projects we are looking for, like; Research Projects, Social Impact Projects, Environmental Impact Projects, Climate Change Projects, Infrastructure Projects, Health Projects, Education Projects, Clean Energy Projects, International Humanitarian Projects and more.


Simply create a free personal profile and add your projects if they meet with our criteria.

You can register using your LinkedIn account or email.

You can also;

Add a project related business in 3 easy steps

Add a project related accredited course in 3 easy steps

Contributing your business or course supports the work of Aussie Projects in building a sustainable Australia.


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